The Focus Grant provides $10,000 in development funding for specific documentary film topics selected by The Rogovy Foundation. If you wish to submit your project for Documentary funding (advanced development, production and post-production) please apply to our Miller / Packan Documentary Fund instead.

As part of your application we ask that you upload a proposal. Request for Proposals should include all of the elements listed and should be altogether about two pages in length.


PROPOSED LOGLINE (1-2 Sentences)*

A logline is a brief summary of a film that states the central conflict, a synopsis of the plot, and an emotional hook. A good logline will provoke the viewer's curiosity.


Story Summary / Synopsis (Approximately 2-4 paragraphs)*

What is your story and story structure? Give an overview of your story, introducing potential characters and plot points. Describe the anticipated story structure and narrative trajectory, or potential character arcs for your project. Discuss your access to the story and characters.

Source Material (Approximately 2 paragraphs)*
Provide references to selective research, scientific studies, books, and other reference materials or links that will make up your film. We seek a balanced approach to thoughtful and fact-based content, so this section is crucial to the topic development.

Anticipated Impact (Approximately 1 paragraph)*

Why is this topic important, timely, or relevant? Why are you the best person to make a film about this? Explain the cultural or social relevance and context for the topic, and why this project is timely or urgent. Detail the topics, issues, themes, challenges, stakes, or questions that your project will cover.

Key Creative Personnel (Approximately 1 paragraph each, max 3)*

Provide brief biographies for the director(s), producer(s), cinematographer, or editor. Include notable credits and/or major recognition or award information. For each key creative, include information about relevant expertise and the individual’s role in the project. Do not send resumes, CVs or extensive filmographies. 

Estimated Timeline (1 paragraph)*

Provide an estimated timeline of your project including anticipated development, production and post-production schedules.


If you have a prior directing experience, provide a link to a previous work sample. If a prior directing sample is not available, you may also submit a film you have shot or edited. Alternatively, previous work from a key creative on the team can also be used. Briefly describe the sample you have submitted and discuss the relevance of the work to the current project, if any. 


Provide a link to your website or production company, if applicable.


Provide complete contact information including a valid email address, telephone number and mailing address.


Please note that the awards are announced as winners are selected and submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

* = Required